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Israeli Salad סלט ישראלי

Easy peasy and everybody loves it - even kids

Some call this Arabic salad, and in all honesty, Israelis have adopted it from their Arab cousins.

Israel is the real "Garden State." (Sorry New Jersey!)

In 2015, I lived a short while in Ramat Gan, Israel. Ramat Gan, which means "high garden," was originally established in 1921 as agricultural colony on a hill near Tel Aviv. Back then, the area was known for producing wheat, barley, and watermelons. Now, it is famous for its diamond exchange an for being home to many high tech companies.

Looking down from Sha'ul Garden, Ramat Gan, to the city (Jan 2015)

Many towns and cities in Israel started in a similar way - focused on agriculture. Out of the hot sand, Israelis have established farms and gardens providing a variety of fresh produce that travels very short distances before landing in the local markets. Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and parsley are never more than a few blocks walk away from wherever you are in the cities. They've been doing "eat local" and "farm to fork" since before it was cool.

As a result of the abundant fresh product, Israeli Salad is a daily staple



Cucumbers – those little Persian ones work best

Red Onion


Olive Oil

Lemon Juice

Maybe some salt, maybe some pepper

You don’t need a recipe for this. You chop it and mix it as you like it. You can put some hot pepper in it, too.


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