Cathy Dyer is an independent real estate broker practicing in Apex, North Carolina and the surrounding Triangle area.

Cathy counsels buyers and sellers of both personal residences and investment properties. Analytically minded – a number cruncher at heart – she helps her clients make sound financial decisions during their real estate transactions.

Growing up in Cary, Cathy attended Wake County Public Schools before receiving her BS degree in Chemistry from North Carolina State University.

Formally trained as an analytical chemist, she represented products for a number of large multinational companies such as Perkin Elmer and Varian. She was consistently awarded as a top sales professional.

 “It was my job to help research scientists identify and implement their instrumentation strategies while, at the same time, complying with federal regulations. Today, my real estate clients receive the same attention to detail and professionalism with their buying, selling or investing transactions. I do my best to make the entire experience pleasurable for my clients”

Why did she choose real estate? According to Cathy, a career in real estate allows her to focus entirely on the local community, while personally assisting others with one of the most important decisions of their lives.

Cathy has traveled for both pleasure and business across the US to cities including Boston, NY, Chicago, LA, Indianapolis, Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, New Orleans, Denver, Austin, and Houston. Internationally she’s visited Mexico, the UK, and France.  In her words,

“Without hesitation, I will tell you that I like calling North Carolina home. The Triangle area is the finest place I’ve experienced.”

Whether buying, selling or investing, you should have a professional provide you with the information needed to make sound decisions.

Traits of a good Real Estate Broker:

  • Trained to rationally analyze the real estate market as well as the property in which you are interested.
  • Someone you can trust to attend to the transaction details.
  • Someone who will keep you constantly informed.
  • Someone with proven negotiating skills to promote your best interest.

Cathy Dyer can assist you with everything from searching the market for your new dream home or investment property, to creating and managing a comprehensive marketing plan to sell your existing property.

It’s important that you choose your real estate broker as carefully as you choose your attorney or financial advisor. Real estate is likely your single biggest investment. Whether it is your personal residence or an investment property, what you purchase will affect all areas of your life.